This is a continuation of my Sales Report in Pandas post and it begins with the final table from it. Here it is for one random customer.

report[report['CustomerID'] == 12347.0]

It represents an activity of this particular customer for the whole available date range aggregated by month. You can see that this activity is not regular.

First, I want to add a flag whether or not customer was active in the previous month.

report['active_prev'] = (report.sort_values(by=['month'], ascending=True)

This hard stuff is something like a window function in sql. Because I have many customers I have to somehow say to…

I will use I work in Colab and store data on my Google Drive.

import pandas as pddf = pd.read_csv('drive/My Drive/data/',encoding = "cp1252")df.head()

Look at missing values.


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